How To Choose Sockets & Switches for Your Décor Theme

Insider’s Guide

Sockets and switches are the gems of any building's interior, it's a final touch that never goes unnoticed and plays a significant role in safety and subtlety.

On average we engage more with the switches and sockets than some other design highlights inside a house or an office, but they frequently contain unattractive screws and plastic rockers.

There's a compelling reason for the need to think twice about your socket and switch decisions as there are many wonderfully designed, screwless finishes to suit any home and office decor theme.

Not certain where to begin? This is your insider's guide on sockets and switches and how to pick the ideal finishes for your home and office decor.

Before you can begin contemplating the best sort of sockets and switches for your home, you want to consider and ponder what your ongoing interior plot is.

Is it moderate? Modern? Contemporary? Or on the other hand a blend of your favourite patterns?

When you understand what your general interior design subject is, you're ready to effectively pick the right kind of sockets and switches, without 'it looks pleasant' being the main thrust behind the choice.

This part of the choice process is staggeringly significant as it will assist you with accomplishing interior design cohesion.

Brushed Brass
The brushed metal sockets and switches

The brushed metal sockets and switches are appropriate to period-styled and statement properties as the warm brass tones and subtle ageing lend an instant agelessness and rich authenticity to any home.

This metal finish is likewise ideally suited for the present-day, or modern farmhouse style properties to add genuine definition to the space.

Aged Brass

The aged metal sockets and switches add a work of art, an immortal look to your interiors. The hazier shade makes it significantly more lenient than additional reflective finishes like polished chrome. The warm tone adds depth and character to your space.

Dark Nickel

The dark nickel sockets and switches give an unmistakable dark finish. This gives an ideal complement to present-day/contemporary rooms as it adds a characterizing highlight to the space.

The modern-day decor is characterized by strong accents, and dark nickel sockets and switches will assist with establishing and integrating the space.


Bronze is a luxuriously rich finish, and hazier than the aged metal finish. It is certainly exemplary, and it looks radiant in period-style interiors.

The inconspicuous sheen given to the switch truly imitates long periods of use. To involve Bronze in your interiors however your decor style doesn't oblige it, you should consider our Fusion range which consolidates bronze with brushed metal for a timeless finish that could be utilized in a huge number of various decor schemes.

Brushed Chrome

Brushed chrome is perhaps one of the most flexible finishes, its up-to-date finish offers a hotter appearance than polished chrome and is substantially more fit to high traffic families, as it's perfect for hiding imperfections and fingerprints.

Matt Black

The dominating appearance and immaculate completion of this send out a masculine vibe. It's a well-known decision for mixed, hip, current and contemporary style homes.

Keep it straightforward with matt dark or consolidate brushed metal or brushed chrome from the Fusion collection to ignite visual interest in your home.

Polished Chrome
This is a profoundly reflective finish

This is a profoundly reflective finish that suits present-day styles and complements period styles like art deco, arts and crafts and other home distinctions.

It requires more upkeep than brushed chrome as it shows fingerprints quite easily. If you have a bustling family, polished chrome is presumably not the most ideal choice.

White Metal

If you have minimal, current or contemporary styled interiors, white metal is a better decision over white plastic, offering greater solidness and style to the space.

White metal works consistently in white kitchens and rooms with neutral tones and clean lines.

Our broad scope of sockets and switches all take advantage of a dazzling, screwless finish.

While choosing the ideal sockets and switches for your home, utilize your core interior decor pattern to direct the way, yet be careful about kids, and occupied families that could be useful to direct finishes as well.

Continuously select a stunning screwless finish that will add immortal appeal to your space, unattractive screws truly don't progress in years well!