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A combination of safety and aesthetics

Norisys switches and accessories are modular in concept. The product range is designed in a way that satisfies the electrical requirements of modern buildings. Cube Series products include switches sockets, communication sockets, hospitality products, fan regulators & dimmers, acoustic and optical signaling products, cover plates etc. Modules such as switches sockets etc. are made to a standard size (module). These modules are press-fit onto frames. Thereafter, front plates are mounted on the frames. These front plates are available in multiple colours, materials and finish. They can be changed whenever required without disturbing the wiring connections to adjust to alterations in interiors of buildings.

CUBE Series
A modern range of switches sockets and accessories

Switches and sockets from Norisys have established new standards in the world of electrical wiring accessories.

Commitment to better designs, intricate attention to engineering specifics, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and strict quality procedures have all contributed to produce a new concept in dependability, safety and modernity. Norisys switches India are designed to withstand conditions that are extreme. The materials selected are such that they work perfectly even when subjected to stress. Norisys engineers keep in mind the wiring practices that are followed in different parts of the world before they set out on designing a new product at Norisys. Easy assembly and wiring as well as long life of the products is as a result of this practice. Norisys has a fully modern research and development wing that works tirelessly in order to keep innovating and improving the switches sockets and accessories. This research and development wing has a fully cohesive innovation environment that guides the engineering process all the way through – beginning with the abstract design right upto the manufacturing stage so as to make the best switches for Norisys consumers.

Use of sustainable materials and methods

Norisys engineers strive to create switches and sockets that have environmentally friendly and sustainable raw materials as the building blocks. The products as well as the packaging have been designed for reusable plastics keeping the green planet objective in mind.

Thermoset material
Thermoset material encapsulates the live metal parts

Norisys switches sockets and accessories use engineering grade state-of-the-art thermoset materials which make the products robust and durable with flame proof properties making them the best switches and sockets available in the category. The thermoset material out of which housings are made to encapsulate the live parts have superior insulation properties. This material is normally used in industrial applications, where safety requirements are very stringent. It enables the products to handle higher operating temperatures, a feature that is normally not found in switches in India.

Hospitality Products
Modern products for the hospitality industry

Hotel architecture requires the most premium products in terms of novelty, design and performance. Switches in India do not offer the wide range of modern products required for the hospitality industry. Norisys product range includes high-end products which have been designed specifically for luxury hotels. Products like Shaver Sockets, Key Card Switches, Call bell system with register, Buzzers, Speakers for Music circuits, Step Marker Night Light, Do Not Disturb and Clean My Room dedicated switches, Bell Switch Do Not Disturb & Clean My Room connections provide the required ease for guests in luxury hotels.

Electrical Safety
Dependable electrical and thermal safety

Switches in India generally have poor electrical safety and that leads to frequent short circuits and fires. CUBE Series products use contacts that have a very high current carrying capacity. Best switches in the world incorporate mechanisms that have a snap action with wiping action between the contacts along with suitable contact pressure. This coupled with the use of superior engineering grade materials result in minimal arc in Norisys switches. Norisys switches India ensure reduction in arcing resulting in a very long operating life for the switches.

A range of switches and accessories that is classic in design

SQUARE Series switches sockets and accessories bear a design which has developed over time. Function and the fixing system of this range has been established and the technology has been tested over years resulting in perfect performance. The looks are classic with a timeless design that lasts forever. The fixing system of this range is unique. Switches and sockets are fixed onto frames with screws. The resulting assembly is extremely robust. Norisys switches India Square Series products are mounted using screws which can endure a lot of force. Back housing of sockets rest on frames thus giving it a strong support - essential when pressure is applied at the time of inserting plugs.