Electrical sockets and Switchboards

A Practical Guide to Electrical Installations

Electrical sockets and switches are an important device used in a residential home. We use them multiple times a day and without them, we would be left in the dark, quite literally. In saying that, they are the most overlooked household device. Choosing the right Electrical sockets and switches can determine whether you have a home that people brush past or one that makes a person stop, to admire its stylish ambience. Don't be left in the dark, do your research to find the best electrical products you can buy.

Norisys brand represents a new generation of electrical products with the latest innovation and design. CUBE Series and SQUARE Series electrical products are not only sleek and stylish but also offer a range of features and functions. In this article, we'll be discussing the best electrical switches, sockets, and switch boards in the market, and also provide an analysis of electrical switches to help give you an idea of what you can find.

Choosing the right product
Electrical switches, sockets, and switchboards

There is a line of electrical switches using silver contacts that are built with long life in mind. Their snap action mechanism ensures a precise and reliable connection, while the live parts are insulated by housings made of thermoset material.

This material has excellent electrical insulation properties, does not melt on heating, and is not flammable, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications. In addition, the high temperature withstanding capacity makes these contacts ideal for use in high-demand environments. Finally, an inner shield provides added insulation and safety. You have got to admit, this sounds like the perfect electrical switch ever!

When choosing the right type of light switch, some things to consider might include the ease of use, style and function. Here’s a list of the two most popular electrical switch types on the market: Toggle: Consists of a lever that can be moved up and down to operate the light. Rocker: A spring-loaded rocker is integrated into the switch. Similar to the toggle in that it can be moved up and down to operate the light, the rocker does not have a lever but a flat surface. The most common and easy to use electrical switch found in the home is the Rocker switch. The Rocker switch is very user friendly, functional and is very resistant to heavy handed use by kids or adults alike. Norisys has developed The Cube and Square Series Rocker switch to create a new concept in safety, reliability, flexibility and modernity.

Choosing a socket
How to select the best

The first step in picking the right electrical socket is to determine the type of socket you need. The Switch and Socket combination is the most up to date. The switch allows power to flow through the socket. Picking and installing the appropriate electrical socket for the needs of the room will keep you safe from electrical hazards while also making your home more energy-efficient. The information below describes the characteristics of four electrical sockets that you can have in your home. 6 Amp Sockets are suitable for bedrooms/study/lounge. They service electrical appliances that require lower amperage. Common items include computers, televisions, and table lamps.

13 Amp Sockets are suitable for the kitchen and bathroom. The appliances in these zones require higher amperage than the bedroom. Common items include oven, deep fryer, electric hotplate, curling iron and hair dryer. 16 Amp Sockets are suitable for kitchen and roof spaces. Common items include the kitchen appliances that require higher amperage such as fridge and electric oven and central heating device in the roof space. 25 Amp Sockets are suitable for the Laundry and Home Shed appliances. Some of the common items include clothes dryer, washing machine and power tools.

Choosing Electrical Switchboard accessories
Form and function

The first step in choosing the right electrical switchboard is to understand what the role of an Electrical Switchboard is and what are the components that make it. A switchboard acts as a central 'hub' for all your electrical wiring and directs electricity from the distribution board to where it needs to go around your house. The distribution boards contain a set of miniature circuit breakers, at least one safety switch and a mains switch encased in a wire box.

Norisys offers the best products on the market for electrical switches and sockets which are mounted on electrical switchboards.

Consider the style you want - Achieving a high-end finish within your home or business, requires thought. A few pointers to keep in mind whilst choosing the best electrical switches and sockets for home or business: Ensure the size of the switch and socket is consistent with the rest of the room.

Consider the finish of the electrical product. A finish that matches other hardware in your home will create flow and cohesion. Choose a style that complements the overall look and feel of your home.

Consider a brand renowned for its design and quality - The modest electrical switch has evolved. Now featuring innovative technology and sophisticated design, you’ll be surprised how electrical fittings including switches, sockets and switchboard accessories can enhance your surroundings and increase your level of comfort at home and in the office. The latest in innovation and design, CUBE Series and SQUARE Series electrical products from Norisys represent a new generation of electrical products that are not only sleek and stylish but also offer a range of features and functions. When you choose Norisys, you can rest easy knowing you are choosing the best electrical products in India.