-      Firm mounting on frames using screw-mounting system

Switches and accessories are mounted on frames using the sturdy screw mounting mechanism. In this mounting system, all the pressure is borne by steel screws in place of plastic locks.

-      Contacts with silver inside for long life.
Use of increased silver in the contacts in switches ensures higher conductivity and longer life of the switches.
-      Snap action mechanism.
Snap-action mechanism in switches is used for good making and breaking of the circuit with less arcing and contact wear.
 -      Live parts are insulated by housings made of ‘thermoset material’.
Thermoset materials are stronger than thermoplastic materials due to its three dimensional network of bonds (cross-linking), and are also better suited to high-temperature applications. Thermoset materials therefore have excellent electrical insulation properties.
            - Excellent electrical insulation properties.
            - Does not melt on heating
            - Does not catch fire.
-      Very high temperature withstanding capacity.
Due to the usage of thermoset plastic in the manufacturing of these switches, these switches can withstand high temperatures. A thermoset plastic once in the solid form cannot be reheated and melted into the liquid form. This property ensures safety even at very higher temperatures.
-      Inner shield inside the rocker for added insulation and safety
To ensure absolute safety for the users, Norisys switches use inner shields for added insulation and protection from arcing.
-      lasting LED indicators
LED indicators are designed for user comfort. It produces a very mild light which is soothing to the eyes at the same time being very clearly visible. Led indicators are far more durable than normal indicators and they do not flicker.
-      Available from 6A to 25A.
Switches are available with current carrying capacity of upto 25Amperes.
-    Palm switches available for comfortable operation
Palm switches designed specifically for ease of operation.

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