Tiny MCB – Modular MCB

  • Compact, reliable, economical range of MCB’s.
  • Can be used in place of a switch at a similar cost providing overload and short-circuit protection upto 32A.
  • Front mounted – like a switch
  • Compatible with SQUARE Series as well as CUBE Series as well as sunmica sheets.
  • Can also be mounted with surface mount boxes
  • Designed to ISI & CEE standards.
  • Available in single pole and double pole versions.
  • Idea for use with individual appliances as a switch.
  • When used with north west 25A socket and plug top it:
    • Looks smart
    • Provides specific protection
    • Socket point can be used for general appliances
    • Cost effective
Tiny MCB is a unique product introduced by Norisys Technology Limited, which has now become a common household product. It is a modular MCB which can be mounted like a switch. These MCBs are front mounted alongwith switches, sockets etc. of CUBE Series or SQUARE Series products. Tiny MCB can also be mounted on sunmica sheets of any existing or new receptacle commonly used in household wiring.

Tiny MCBs are high performance devices that incorporate advanced developments in electrical engineering technology for protection of circuits and individual appliances. They are typically used for switching and protection of air-conditioners, geysers, pumps, heaters and other appliances that draw high current in domestic applications. These MCBs are also used to switch off the entire circuit in a room for energy saving.

Single Pole and Double Pole versions are available in Tiny MCB in various ratings. Distribution Boards for single phase are made using Tiny MCBs on CUBE Series or SQUARE Series plates or even on sunmica sheets. These distribution boards are compact and smart. When mounted with a 25Ampere socket, it offers the perfect solution for switching air conditioners and geysers.

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