• Fine blend of superior electrical engineering technology and elegant aesthetics.
  • Smooth, clean shapes which blend with any interior.
  • Live parts are insulated by housings made of ‘thermoset material’. This thermoset materia.
    • Excellent electrical insulation properties
    • Does not melt on heating
    • Does not catch fire.
  • Exteriors made of high gloss virgin grade engineering thermoplastics.
  • Bi-material frames that have high quality steel embedded inside the thermoplastic. This gives the assembly extra stiffness and tight tolerances.
  • Defect free surface with a really smooth feel.
  • Modular construction with Modules, Frames and Plates
  • Modules firmly mounted on frames using a sturdy snap-on system - sturdy and reliable. Especially required in Indian conditions.
  • Cover plates can be mounted after final painting of walls.
  • A range of decorative plates to choose from.
CUBE Series is a modular product range which is designed to satisfy the requirements of electrical installations in modern buildings.

CUBE Series marks the evolution of Norisys' research as it once again focuses on engineering design, especially its environmental qualities, and pivots on the concepts of variability and sustainability, performance and simplicity of use.

It is a new way of creating environments, made possible by the types of products that have been developed, namely by using advanced materials and engineering. The result is an installation system that seamlessly blends with the building.

A professional of electrical switchgear for many years, today Norisys constructs innovative switchgear systems at the highest level and has established itself by many years of experience and high quality workmanship.
The range includes switches, sockets, fan regulators & dimmers, hospitality products, communication sockets, acoustic and optical signaling products, cover plates etc.
Modules such as switches, sockets etc. are made to a standard size (module) which is mounted on frames. Front plates are available in a variety of colors, materials and finish. The front plates can be changed at any time without disturbing the wiring to adapt to changes in building interiors.

Use of engineering grade thermoset materials in CUBE Series products makes the range extremely strong and sturdy with flame proof qualities. The engineering grade thermo set material used in the products has excellent electrical insulation properties and does not catch fire. This ensures that the products are capable of handling higher operating temperatures. This engineering grade thermoset material is conventionally used in industrial applications where high degree of electrical insulation is required.

Wiring connections can be made upon fixing the modules on the bi-material frames. Cover plates can be mounted after final painting of walls, thus preventing the plates from getting soiled during construction and painting work.

Bi-material Frames engineered for toughness

CUBE Series products are designed for tough performance. The products are mounted in a way that the entire pressure of wires in the junction box is borne entirely by a sturdy bi-material frame.

The bi-material support frames in CUBE Series are the result of several man-hours of research and development. The bi-material frames are made of a combination of steel and engineering grade plastic. In this design, the steel structure is embedded into plastic. The steel inside gives the bi-material frame a rigid structure while the plastic provides the anti-rust and insulation properties.

Modules are mounted on the bi-material frames using a unique snap-fit mechanism. This snap-fit mechanism is highly accurate thereby ensuring that all modules fit comfortably without the need of force. Location of the modules on the bi--material frames is controlled by this mechanism and it maintains uniform gaps between the modules. This mechanism uses locks which remain free from any stress after mounting, thus making the system extremely durable with long life.


CUBE Series switches have contacts which provide very high current carrying capacity. The contact design, snap action mechanism, appropriate contact pressure, wiping action between the contacts and use of high engineering an



Fan Regulators & Dimmers

Fan regulator in CUBE Series demonstrates the way engineers at Norisys pay attention to product details. The knob featured in this device solves the common problem of knobs coming off or falling.The dual knob design ensures




A complete range of communication sockets incorporating the latest in signal processing technology. This is a modular connector wired for two telephone service lines and is found in most homes and offices in almost all countries of the 




Norisys engineers developed a unique ring-shaped spring which solves the frequently occurring problem of burnouts in power sockets. Norisys sockets feature this ring-shaped spring which maintains a uniform pressure on the brass contact



Support Modules

This socket is used where an extension of the USB cable is required. It is ideal for homes and offices, where computer accessories and other USB devices need extension cable.These sockets are used for extension of audio-visual lines in



Cover Plates

CUBE Series Cover Plates are child protected. Safety shutters have been put in place to prevent any accidental contact with live parts thereby reducing risk of electric shock.



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