• Contacts with silver inside for long life.
  • Snap action mechanism.
  • Live parts are insulated by housings made of ‘thermoset material’.

    • Excellent electrical insulation properties.
    • Does not melt on heating
    • Does not catch fire.
  • Very high temperature withstanding capacity.
  • Inner shield inside the rocker for added insulation and safety
  • Available in Frost White and Quartz Gray colours
  • Firm mounting on frames using a sturdy snap-on system
  • Long lasting LED indicators
  • Available from 6A to 25A.
  • Palm switches available for comfortable operation

CUBE Series switches have contacts which provide very high current carrying capacity. Reduction in arcing ensures a very long operating life for the switches.

The spring geometry of the moving contact of the mechanism has a natural cushioning function, which significantly reduces its electrical recoil as well as wear. Increase in the quantum of silver helps to reconcile the safety of electric switching with smoothness of operation.

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