• Elliptical spring-loaded contact tubes.
  • Unwavering contact & uniform pressure prevent burnouts.
  • Live parts are insulated by housings made of ‘thermoset material’. This thermoset material -

    • Excellent electrical insulation properties.
    • Does not melt on heating
    • Does not catch fire.
  • High impact resistant virgin thermoplastic material for excellent gloss and surface finish.
  • Shutters for child protection.
  • Multi socket which can accommodate a number of international standard plugs
  • Available from 6A to 25A.
  • Firm mounting on frames using a sturdy snap-on system

Norisys engineers developed a unique ring-shaped spring which solves the frequently occurring problem of burnouts in power sockets. Norisys sockets feature this ring-shaped spring which maintains a uniform pressure on the brass contact tubes. This pressure clamps the plug pins tightly leading to a firm spark-free contact, thus eliminating overheating and consequential burnouts.

CUBE Series sockets are child protected. Safety shutters have been put in place to prevent any accidental contact with live parts thereby reducing risk of electric shocks.

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