Single Phase Motor Starters

  • Technologically advanced precise current setting feature from 0.6 A to 25 A
  • Provides overload and short circuit protection
  • Easy installation on SQUARE Series and CUBE Series plates, bakelite sheets, or surface boxes
  • Compact design and aesthetics blend in with the interiors

Single Phase Motor Starters is a device for switching and protection of appliances such as room air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, computers, water coolers, pumps etc. up to 25Amperes. In case of any overload, the Single Phase Motor Starter trips, thereby protecting the appliance from any burn-out.

These starters are normally mounted with sockets from CUBE Series or SQUARE Series. This combination forms an efficient module for single phase applications. The unit is compact and economical and is operated by the push of button located in the front of the Starter.

Installation of Single Phase Motor Starters is very simple as they can be installed simply like a switch. They can also be mounted on Surface Mount Boxes from Norisys for an elegant stylized look.

The unique feature of Single Phase Motor Starters is the facility of current setting. The starter tripping can be precisely set as per the requirement of the individual appliance. This setting can be done simply by the turn of a screw provided on the front panel of the starter. After setting the starter tripping current, the device protects the appliance from overloads with desired precision.

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