• Total hum-free operation.
  • Step-type with 6 speeds.
  • Knob can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • Bar-type knob for ergonomic easy rotation
  • Perma-knobs which cannot be pulled out
  • Housing made of ‘thermoset material’. This thermoset material -

    • Excellent electrical insulation properties.
    • Does not melt on heating
    • Does not catch fire.
  • Firm mounting on frames using a sturdy snap-on system
  • No interference with radio / TV signals.
Fan regulator in CUBE Series demonstrates the way engineers at Norisys pay attention to product details. The knob featured in this device solves the common problem of knobs coming off or falling. The dual knob design ensures that the knob cannot be pulled out, thus ensuring that the knobs remain intact even after years of usage.

The unique bar shaped knob is a visual treat and blends with modern interiors, besides being ergonomic. The bar shaped knob is easy to grip and is much more comfortable to operate than regular circular ones.

This fan regulator is a totally dependable device that eliminates failures normally experienced with electronic regulators. It has full rotation operation with no end point, thereby preventing any undue pressure from damaging the regulator. Total hum-free operation, six speeds of operation, no radio interference and negligible power loss are other benefits of this regulator.

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