Cover Plates

A variety of cover plates to choose from -

  • Vector Plates made from high gloss virgin grade extra UV stabilized engineering thermoplastics – available in Frost White, Ice Silver and Quartz Gray colours
  • Smart Plates made from high gloss virgin grade extra UV stabilized engineering thermoplastics – available in Frost White, Ice Silver and Quartz Gray colours
  • Solid Aluminum Plates - Natural Finish
  • Solid Aluminum Plates - Black Finish
  • Solid Wood Plates - Dark Mahogany Polish
  • Solid Wood Plates - Natural Pinewood Polish
  • Solid Glass Plates - Ice White
  • Solid Glass Plates - Metal Gray
  • Solid Marble Finish Plates - Sparkle White
  • Solid Marble Finish Plates - Terra Beige


Smart Plates

Smart Plates in CUBE Series have a distinct classic design offering comfort to the eye. The plates merge with the interiors very well creating a homogeneous look. Inner bi-material frames give adequate support to the plates keeping all the modules securely in place without yielding to pressure from the wires inside or during insertion / removal of plug tops. MORE


Vector Plates

CUBE Series Vector Plates incorporate a redefined design capable of harmoniously blending into different living styles. These plates are available in Frost White, Quartz Grey and Ice Silver colour options. The shape of these plates this urbane and exudes aesthetic elegance. These plates are made from high gloss virgin grade UV stabilized engineering plastics. MORE


Solid Wood Plates

Solid wood plates are crafted out of best quality natural wood, which is treated and seasoned to ensure a long life. These plates are offered in Natural Pinewood Polish and Dark Mahagony Polish. Special Protective coatings and surface hardeners make the surface wear resistant. Wood lends a natural feel to the clean edges of engineering plastics and metals. This natural feel can be an asset for interior designers for making the electrical outlets blend with the furniture. MORE


Solid Glass Plates

Solid glass plates are made of engineered glass which is tempered and toughened to make it rugged and to impart a nice uniform lustre. Solid glass plates are available in Ice White and Metal Gray colours. Both the options provide radiance to the interiors. MORE


Solid Marble Finish Plates

Solid Marble finish plates are individually machined from solid blocks so that the end product is a crisp clean cut flat plate which looks modern in aesthetics. The Sparkle White option matches very well with white marble whereas the Terra Beige option matches very well with marbles from the Beige and Brown family. Once mounted along with the CUBE Series modules, it merges the looks of technical accuracy with natural marble feel. MORE


Solid Aluminum Plates

Each piece of solid aluminum plate is machined out of a solid block of aluminum to give it the sharp and clean look. These plates are available in natural finish and black finish and match very well with Frost White and Quartz Grey modules. The complete look is a solid, well engineered and smart composition.MORE

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